Nutrition Counseling

Change is hard, especially when you're going at it alone.  Nutrition counseling offers unique support and expertise to work toward your health goals.  

Initial Assessment

Your first nutrition counseling session is considered an "initial assessment."   During this session, you will review past medical history, usual dietary intake, and any health concerns or goals you might have.  You are not required to bring anything to this appointment, but medical documents (such as recent labs) are welcome.  At the end of this session, a recommendation regarding follow-up appointments will be made based on individual needs.

The initial assessment is 60 minutes and costs $200.00.


Since so many factors affect health and behavior, a stand-alone initial assessment offers limited benefit without follow-up appointments.  In follow-ups, the client and practitioner can continue to collaborate on health goals, learn from successes and setbacks, and explore topics such as intuitive eating, mindfulness techniques and myth-busting.

Follow-up sessions are generally 45 minutes and cost $150.00 (appearing as $50.00 per 15-minute unit on the superbill).

For more information related to superbills and potential insurance reimbursement, visit “Do you take insurance?” on the FAQ page.