Emily is honored to be a support for her clients and is proud of what they have to say about working with her.

“This is the first time I’ve ever felt ‘the train has left the station’ towards a healthier life. I am much more aware of my hunger and fullness. My eating decisions are profoundly more nutritious and satisfying than before. I am very grateful that my primary care physician recommended Emily to me and I look forward to continuing our work together very much!”
“You have offered me so much in terms of nutrition advice, challenges, and strategies to avoid using behaviors... Working with you has given me a sense of acceptance and safety that I don’t think I could feel with anyone else. My eating disorder holds all of my shame, anger and insecurity, but talking with you has helped take away some of its power.”
“Emily, you have forever changed my life. I cannot thank you enough for providing the right foundation for me to continue in my recovery. I’ve started to get my life back, thanks to you.”
“Emily’s knowledge and experience with digestive issues reaffirmed the research I had done on my own and highlighted for me things I could try that I hadn’t thought of or come across in my research. I highly recommend her to any individual experiencing digestive issues of any sort or any individual who needs a compassionate and knowledgable ear to actively listen.”
“Your input and expertise on my eating disorder’s biggest behavior, working out, helped me see just how major it was in my life. Thank you for being so patient with me as I navigated back into the world of movement and allowing me to screw up without judgement... I will be forever grateful for all that you have helped me with.”

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